• Golang. BeeCluster is developed with Golang. You have to install Golang in your system to run BeeCluster from source code. BeeCluster also depends on four Go packages, you can install them using the following commands.

    go get
    go get
    go get
    go get
  • Python 3.5+. BeeCluster uses python as its frontend language.

Download the source code

Download the source code from GitHub.

git clone

Start the BeeCluster server

Inside the BeeCluster folder, run the following script.


This scirpt starts the BeeCluster server with a drone simulator acting as the drone backend. By default, the server creates a dashboard at localhost:8007 showing the location of the simulated drones.

Run your first BeeCluster program

If everything goes well so far, you can open a new terminal and navigate to the testcases folder inside the BeeCluster root folder.

cd testcases

Let's run the first test case in this folder.


Now, look at the dashboard at localhost:8007. You should see a drone (blue dot) flying a box pattern!